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Most of us living in Surrey will have gone to the theme park and zoo as a child and can recall our first ride on a rollercoaster. You might have been lucky enough to go there on a school summer trip — a day which probably make you smile even now. We took a trip down memory lane to come up with 15 things you'll remember if you visited the theme park back in the day.

If you are old enough to remember the days before the theme park rides, when it was known as Chessington Zoo, you will have had a very different experience to today.

The Chessington estate was owned by the Vere Barker family and Reginald opened Chessington Zoo in to allow the public to see his private animal collection. After a period of focussing more on thrilling rollercoasters and other white knuckle rides, the animals came back to prominence.

Ok, maybe we are exaggerating a bit but it certainly felt like a lot of times, judging by what your stomach was telling you after being turned upside down and spun around multiple times.

And you never quite knew if you were going to get a jet of water in the face, or just about get away with it. If you sat at the back, you got a cold trickle under your bottom on the way up as the water still slopping around in the 'boat' from the previous ride made its way towards you. As you went down you buried your head in your chest in anticipation of the big splash, and regretted it when you saw the photo. This will be the home of a real family of four endangered Amur Tigerswhich you'll be able to see in a new big cat enclosure with Europe's first overhead trails.

Clinging on for dear life, laughing hysterically or screaming wildly, these are the three official 'photograph faces' that everyone adopts at some point on a theme park ride.

You resolved always to try and smile at the camera on the Vampire Ride, but always ended up looking terrified or insane. On the other hand you had plenty of time to prepare for a picture on the Bubbleworks we'll come to that ride. You weren't supposed to get wet on Professor Burp's Bubbleworks but it often descended into an inter-boat water fight.

Pity the poor person who got your boat after you and had to sit on a very wet seat because your mates were messing around. Who wasn't a little bit sad to see the Bubbleworks close its factory doors in ? Yes, we absolutely love the new Gruffalo River Ride Adventure and seeing the look of wonder on the faces of our own children in fact, we probably keep dragging them back on it even though the older kids in the family want to go back on the Vampire Ride.

But the Bubbleworks, which opened inholds so many memories for us because we loved it when we were younger. The music, the musky smells and the sights as the little boat swirled through the ride; the giggles as you clambered with little grace out of the boat at the end - happy memories.

It didn't fling you around like Samurai or have the speed of the Vampire, but it gave you that feeling of your stomach leaping up into your mouth with every rotation. Opening inand originally known as Smugglers Galleon, it was the UK's highest swinging boat ride at the time. But how come now you're an adult the Black Buccaneer seems even more scary and higher than it felt as a youngster?

While your ten-year-old wants to sit right at the back, you'd rather sit closer to the middle and timidly raise your hands in the air. In the days before everyone had a mobile phone, if you lost your mates in a theme park you'd just have to hope you bumped into them again - until you remembered about the Safari Skyway.


It gave you a perfect overview of the park, and moved slowly enough that you could have a shouted conversation once you found them, to decide where to meet. The sandwiches your mum made for the school trip were left to go warm and soggy in your bag in favour of chips and sweets.

On a school trip you had no parent to keep an eye on your sugar or calorie intake, so binged on chips, sweets and fizzy drinks, and hoped you had dome cash left for a photo. No, it wasn't fast or daring enough to warrant the restraint which comes down over your chest but when you were a child this ride was the height of excitement. You even dared put your hands in the air as it whizzed round again and you probably went on it two or three times in a visit.

It has since been revamped as Scorpion Express and is still great fun — even the queuing route and the noise as the flames shoot up at the centre of the attraction increases your anticipation, and you laugh when the water squirts you as the train whizzes round.Forgot your password? Or sign in with one of these services. Thorpe inst the only park with music so heres place to discuss Chessingtons ride music!

Personally I very much like it, its clear from the equipment they dont have half the buget what thorpe do but seem to pull it off alot better IMO. Well to be fair, alot of the JBL speakers if that's what you're referring to when you say 'equipment' were from the early Tussaud days. Alot of reccent prjects have Bose speakers. I personally love the Chessie music. And this year it's better than Thorpe's, but that's only becase Thorpe's music isn't as good now. Vampire Station Music.

Fixed the link for you. Where can I download the station music? Remember, this is track no. I'd presume you mean bubbleworks. There's a fecking massive station track which consists of tonnes of crap. No I cba to send it. Bubbleworks station music for the post retheme is not available anywhere, you have to old Bubbleworks pre track. Of course it'd have the current Vampire Station theme The old "Danger" theme now plays on the lift! Lord knows what's happened to Merlin Media's main page lately, but all the content it still there on the site with the downloads available.

Due to some absolutely great bitching from certain members of TTFMerlin Media is apparently not opening. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL.Or browse results titled :. Beans on Toast London, UK. Contact Beans on Toast. Streaming and Download help. Report this track or account.

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Chessington world of adventures bubbleworks youtube downloader

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So Romantic by Allie Crow Buckley. The Dark Night in D. Explore music. Chessington World of Adventures by Beans on Toast. Marc G.

Chessington world of adventures bubbleworks youtube downloader

Adam Wilson. Martin Alvarado. Simon Harlock. Daniel Lafleur. Peter Wahler. Purchasable with gift card. Tags folk follk singer-songwriter London. Matterley Estate.

Chessington World of Adventures

John Peel Centre for Creative Arts.The complex opened as Chessington Zoo inwith the theme park being developed alongside the zoo by The Tussauds Group and opening on 7 Julyas one of the first themed amusement parks in Britain. Chessington Zoo has over 1, animals, including western lowland gorillassea lionsand Sumatran tigers. Chessington World of Adventures theme park consists of themed areas loosely styled on a range of world cultures. The Burnt Stub site was rebuilt as an inn, until the 18th century, when the Vere Barker family rebuilt it in neo-gothic Victorian style.

The resort has its roots in the Chessington Zoo, which opened in ; it was started by Reginald Stuart Goddard, who had bought the estate to showcase his private collection of animals. Indue to the zoo's declining attendance, Tussauds's commissioned John Wardley to come up with plans to revitalize the park.

Chessington world of adventures bubbleworks youtube downloader

Smuggler's Galleon a swinging ride reached heights of 20 meters; it was later renamed Black Buccaneer. The new park development adopted a pay-once price structure as opposed to the fairground's former pay-per-ride format. The season expanded Chessington with the opening of the Transylvania area, featuring The Vampire and Prof.

Chessington world of adventures bubbleworks youtube downloader

Burp's Bubble Works. By this time Smugglers' Galleon and the Smugglers' Cove area had been created, both opening in The season arrived with Rameses Revengethe park's first inverting ride. Rameses Revenge was new in the Forbidden Kingdom area; [5] an area which had opened the previous year in conjunction with the Terror Tomb dark ride. Also new for was Seastorm in Pirates' Cove, and the Carousel[14] located next to the explorer gate.

Besides Chessington, Merlin also purchased Alton Towersthe nearby Thorpe Parkand Madame Tussaudswhich made Merlin the second largest entertainment operator in the world in terms of attendance numbers, behind Disney.

In a new land themed to Africa replaced ToyTown. The park's annual Halloween event was rebranded Howl'O'Ween. The new event features night rides on Zufari: Ride into Africa! Chessington's attendance fell this year to 1. The long-running Safari Skyway monorail closed midway through the year, after 29 years of service. Little was changed during the season, a small live show named Pandamonium opened near the zoo, a Go Ape high ropes course opened, and Trail of the Kings received some new decoration.

Tomb Blaster was refurbished with all LED UV lighting and new laser gun system, although the changes were met negatively. Halfway through the season, Chessington announced that their swinging boat ride, Black Buccaneer, would not open for The third will be the pre existing treetop hoppers which will retain its name and be refurbished.

To finish off, Black Buccaneer will reopen as The Blue Barnacle, after Chessington hosted a competition to name the refurbished ride.

The first is Animal Adventures, a February Half-term event. For the week the Chessington Zoo opens as well as selected rides. The evening involves speeches and information about the charity work the Chessington Conservation Fund is involved in, as well as presentations of some of the Zoo's endangered species.

Zufari: Ride into Africa! Winter's Tail is a Christmas event during December weekends and school holidays. Throughout the event the resort opens with Christmas decoration and a Christmas grotto 'village' next to Sea Lion Bay.

Parts of the theme park are open, with 's event seeing Vampire return to head a similar lineup to A festive show named The Gruffalo and Stickman Christmas Groove is performed several times throughout the day as well as the chance to decorate cookies in The Gruffalo Kitchen.Bubbleworks originally named Prof.

It took riders through animated scenes of a comical factory producing fizzy pop. The original ride closed, to be redesigned in with a sponsorship by Imperial Leather toiletries, with the majority of the animations removed. The ride was created as part of the second phase to regenerate Chessington Zoo into a popular theme park. Burp's Bubble Works as its main attractions. Park development director for Tussauds, John Wardleydeveloped the concept of a magical factory following the making of Professor Burp's fizzy pop from juicing to bottling.

Keith Sparks' production company designed and built the attraction. The dark ride went on to be highly successful for the park. It spawned similar water dark rides in the country and was named third best dark ride in the world by the National Amusement Park Historical Association.

The ride also made use of themed merchandising, something which has since become commonplace in UK theme parks. Riders had the option to exit into a gift shop, originally selling BubbleWorks souvenirs including Professor Burp-branded drinks. In later years, the ride's exit path was permanently routed through the gift shop. Burp's BubbleWorks operated for fifteen years, before being replaced a new sponsored version by Tussauds Studios at the end ofwithout the involvement of the ride's original design team.

The ride's theme was changed to a soap factory to suit sponsor Imperial Leather. Several of the sets and props were recycled, extensively modified and repainted by Tussauds. Additionally, almost all the animations were removed or made static.

Chessington World Of Adventures - Bubbleworks Gasworks (HQ) (Archive)

Burp's BubbleWorks and its closure. Upon re-opening, the redesigned attraction received highly negative response for having removed the animations and humour of the ride and for the flawed alterations to its soundtrack, lighting and animations including dubbing over most of the original theme music with quacking duck sounds.

The original ride's producer John Wardley refused to ride the new version, having been warned that he "would weep if [he] did", emphasising that he disowned the new version. In the Imperial Leather brand logos were removed or covered up, although the ride remained unchanged otherwise. On 21 Decembera fire broke out at the adjacent Creaky Cafe building, which damaged an exterior wall to the finale room, requiring repairs.

During this time the ride's facade was repainted in blue. In the summer ofChessington announced that the ride was set to close in September that year to be replaced by a new dark ride. Chessington subsequently announced that a ride based on the Gruffalo franchise would open in ; a decision that was met with highly mixed reaction on social media.

Throughout the closing down period, Chessington conflated the much-changed ride with the Professor Burp's version which had received its own closing down event 10 years earlierand instructed their press coverage to do so.

It was erroneously claimed that Prof. Burp's BubbleWorks had been operating for 26 years. John Wardley declined to attend the closing down event in One of three theme parks located in Greater London that are operated by Merlin Entertainments Group, Chessington World of Adventures combines a host of rides and shows with a world-class zoo.

Chessington World of Adventures Resort

The origins of Chessington World of Adventures can be traced back towhen a new zoo was established in the grounds of a fourteenth century country mansion by entrepreneur Reginald Goddard. The zoo was eventually acquired by the Pearsons Group inwhich subsequently merged with the Madame Tussauds chain to form The Tussauds Group.

Our theme park guides contain reviews and ratings of rides, restaurants and hotels at more than 80 theme parks worldwide. Key Information. Park History The origins of Chessington World of Adventures can be traced back towhen a new zoo was established in the grounds of a fourteenth century country mansion by entrepreneur Reginald Goddard.

Top Rides and Shows. Title Monkey Swinger Poor Not so poor average good very good. Poor Not so poor average good very good. See all rides and shows at Chessington World of Adventures. Top Places To Eat. See all places to eat at Chessington World of Adventures. Chessington Azteca Hotel Poor Not so poor average good very good. See all hotels at Chessington World of Adventures About Theme Park Tourist.

Find Out More About Us You can even print them. Start Planning Now Monkey Swinger. Poor Not so poor average good very good 1 Votes. Poor Not so poor average good very good 7 Votes. Poor Not so poor average good very good 4 Votes. Chessington Zoo. Poor Not so poor average good very good 2 Votes. Donut Express. Poor Not so poor average good very good 5 Votes. Adventure Point Hot Dogs. Gruffalo Bites. Poor Not so poor average good very good 3 Votes.

Chessington Azteca Hotel. Poor Not so poor average good very good Votes. Chessington Safari Hotel.Log in or Sign up. TowersStreet Talk. Messages: Likes Received: Posted 25th Mar Messages: Likes Received: 1, This is inexcusably poor. The entire point of a theme park is to provide escapism and unique experiences. Messages: 2, Likes Received: 3, Location: London. I mean let's not pretend that Toadies or whatever it last was called was an amazing attraction, but this is poor.

Least it has Capybaras. MaxPowerjon81uk and Doublethink like this. Posted 26th Mar Interesting to note that Chessington's North car park has been repurposed into a drive-through Coronavirus testing facility for NHS workers - details here. Matt N likes this. Posted 27th Mar Messages: 4, Likes Received: 5, Posted 28th Mar MaxPower likes this.

15 things you'll remember if you went to Chessington World of Adventures as a kid

Posted 29th Mar I hate that Chessington has turned into this, but at the same time I love watching things burn! Posted 1st Apr Messages: 1, Likes Received: 3, Compare say, Storybook Land at Alton Towers that was opened by Tussauds 24 years ago to that of Rainforest opened by Merlin last month. Both are small areas of their respective parks aimed at young children.

One had a themed entrance feature, large animatronic, landscaping, water features and a well themed ride. And the other one is, well. Posted 2nd Apr That's amazing.

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